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Are you looking for marketing created by women who look like you to speak to women who look like you? Tired of working with disconnected agencies making big promises about returns you'll never see? Are you tired of piecing together teams of random freelancers who simply don't get you, your brand or your consumer much less?

Ready for marketing that's measurable, consistent and scalable?

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Christian + Justin

This husband + wife duo spearheads marketing strategy at Studio Maxwell. We lead a small, but MIGHTY team of thoughtful creators and executors at our Dallas based agency. You can trust this dynamic duo and their team to do what's right for you and your brand!

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Our solutions have been refined over 4 years to meet your exact needs as an entrepreneur. We have worked with multiple high six figure and seven figure beauty/hair care brand owners, so we understand the subtle yet important differences between each brand and the needs of its founder. Our solutions have been customized to allow us to meet you where you are!


Email is now the top priority for many brands after seeing the unfortunate collapse of the paid advertising space. Email is new to many, but it's always been our bread and butter.

Book a veteran email marketing agency with in-house content creation to spreahead your email marketing strategy!

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SWAY your customers with strategic messaging and email marketing that will resonate and better yet, CONVERT!

SWAY Email Marketing E-book

Crack the code on lead nurturing and increased e-commerce sales via email

You’ve probably been banging your head against a wall every time your paid ad bill debits your account. And yet there just has to be a better way...There is, there's a strategic way to stay top of mind and do it cost-effectively as you grow and scale your e-commerce brand.
Do you want to know how to generate more motivated sales opportunities?
Struggling to get more from your email marketing strategy and wondering why you're not getting results?
Whether your e-commerce store is new or you've been around for years, you are most likely just spinning your wheels with a "one type fits all" email strategy; this may work for small businesses but it doesn't work well for growing and scaling businesses.
Strategic email marketing is a skill that businesses must hone in order to stay relevant. Sway provides well-thought out advice on the basic fundamentals of incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy!
Start here so that you're foundationally sound!