3 Signs You Need to Pivot Your Brand

3 Signs You Need to Pivot Your Brand

Jan 14, 2023christian maxwell

It's no secret that the world of business is changing. The days of the traditional business model are over, and companies need to start innovating in order to survive. However, not all businesses are ready for these changes. If you're noticing that your brand has stagnated or is struggling in some way—whether it's financially or not—it may be time to pivot your business. Here are a few signs that this might be necessary:

Your business is stagnant or losing money

If you are not growing, your business is likely to be stagnant or even losing money. This can be a sign that you need to pivot your brand.

If you are not making money, it’s time to change something! If your business is losing money, then the only way to make sure it doesn’t go bankrupt or close is by changing something to draw new eyes, increase usage etc.

Your customers or market are changing

You need to pivot if your customers or the market are changing.

Customers have gone through so much post-pandemic. Their needs and overall perspective about how they spend their money has changed. That means that you more than likely need to make a pivot or adjustment with them to stay relevant.

Keeping your eye on your industry, the customers and the overall market is key to knowing when a pivot is needed or on the horizon.

Your competitors are finding success with a new approach

If you see your competitors finding success in a new area, it’s time to consider pivoting your own brand. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up on what you were already doing when you first started out.

But if there is a clear shift in the industry that is winning customers and creating value for them, then it is best for you to follow suit and compete with them on their turf instead of trying to stay where they are no longer relevant. This way, even if the market changes again later down the line, at least there won't be such heavy competition from newcomers who all want a piece of those same customers!

You can't stay the same in business if you want to grow.

If you're not ready to change, you can't grow. If you don't change, your competitors will pass you by.

When your business is first starting out, it's natural to stay the same and not want to take risks that might cost money or time and energy. This can be especially true when there are still plenty of opportunities for growth within a smaller niche market that doesn't require much extra work or investment on your part. But eventually it's going to become necessary for any business owner (or leader) who wants their company/brand/product line/etcetera to expand into other industries or markets, which means expanding beyond what they've been doing so far -- and this means being willing not just willing but eager!


Remember, it’s okay to change. In fact, you should expect to change and grow as a company. You can’t stay the same if you want to succeed in today’s fast-paced world of business. If your brand is stagnating or failing, take a look at these three signs and see where they may be applicable. Then use them as the basis for your next steps: pivot or perish!

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