CASE STUDY: E-Commerce Beauty Brand Gains 4 Figures of Fresh Leads & drives BFCM Revenue

Black Friday is a key window to generate revenue for most all brands. Having fresh leads is a key component of hitting your revenue goals for windows like BFCM. Capitalizing off of site visitors by ensuring their contact details are gathered is a key goal of our agency in order to effectively drive growth for clients.

The Goal:

Build a list of fresh, hot leads who are eager for the upcoming Black Friday and holiday promotions without having to run a paid ad to acquire the leads. Our goal was to leverage aggressive copy and visuals on the sign up form to trigger the customer to feel FOMO about the upcoming sales.

The Results:

Studio Maxwell was able to grow a fresh list of leads that totaled up to multiple 4 figures. This group of leads was a top convertor during BFCM. This audience had an aggressive average open rate of nearly 50% with an average click rate of over 5% which is dramatically higher than the industry average. They also had an aggressive average order value of $79.

Some of the leads garnered by the form were from current customers but their refreshed action allowed us to ensure we properly targeted them during BFCM.

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