"It all started in 2017 not as R'Ganiks Candle Co but as R'Ganiks By Regina.

R'Ganiks By Regina was more geared towards natural skincare products. In 2020, Regina re-discovered candle making and started the journey of creating her own candles (pandemic hobby) and needless to say, she loved every bit of it. 

It definitely started out as a hobby, but in May 2020 Regina decided to share her candle craft journey with you all. The decision was made to give R'Ganiks By Regina a revamp, and R'Ganiks Candle Co was formed. 

All our products are made from ethically sourced ingredients, clean fragrances and made in small batches in the R'Ganiks Studio by Regina. Our scented soy blend candles are crafted from the simplest of ingredients: natural soy/coconut wax, wood wicks (for crackling/cozy vibes), lead-free cotton wicks and the highest quality blend of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils.

All our packaging are recyclable + earth friendly + minimize's waste.

Thank You for being here, We are happy to have you here experiencing R'Ganiks Candle co as we grow. "

Meet The Maker

(Captured from the R'Ganik's site)

Hi-- I'm Regina and I am the curator/owner of R'Ganiks Candle Co. I am a lover of all things nice, luxurious, inspirational and unique.

R'Ganiks Candle Co is my gift to you, brought to you by my love for fragrances. There is so much great stuff in store for you, our story is just beginning and I am happy to share that with you all.

I promise that with every product I create, I will do so with the best intentions, love and uniqueness and I hope my creation brings some sort of peace, love & joy into your space/s.

Live. Love. Laugh.

We partnered with R'Ganiks to create Social Media photography and video to highlight her seasonal offerings! Learn more:

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