How to be an Empathetic Marketer

How to be an Empathetic Marketer

Mar 24, 2022christian maxwell

Wondering how you can connect with your customers on a deeper level, so that their relationship with your brand keeps them coming back to you over your competitors?

Connecting with your customers on a deeper level is key to growing your returning customer revenue. Returning customers are veteran, loyalists who have decided that you are the ultimate destination for their hair, skin or beauty needs.
They didn't decide you were the best person for the job based on just your cute packaging, your product efficacy, nor your promotions.
They decided you were their destination brand because you connected with them on an emotional level. You SAW them. 

Too often we get caught up in treating people like transactions and we lose sight of their very human experience. We forget to put ourselves in the shoes of our consumers.

For instance if your brand caters to women, who may or may not be mothers, you could have lost them during and after the pandemmy by not being aware and empathetic to their plight. 
Women who are caretakers have had to shoulder immense burden during the last few years. They also may have had a significant change in their flex spending if they had to leave their job in order to care for their children. This means that pushing full price skus that are no longer in budget for them could have left them feeling like a failure or made them sad about their new budgetary constraints.
This isn't your fault, but there was an opportunity to connect and empathize that you missed. Taking advantage of these opportunities to connect with your consumers is how you create brand loyalists, advocates and ambassadors.
When you get them, they have your back!
Learning how to pivot to empathetic behavior based marketing isn't hard once you get in touch with your people and then place them and their concerns at the top of YOUR list.
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