How to market to the Health and Wellness Consumer

The wellness market is projected to grow to 6.75 Trillion by 2030. This means that there is abundant opportunity in this space for new brands to innovate and appeal to consumers.

If your brand hasn't taken advantage of that opportunity, the new year is your chance. You don't have to have a fitness brand to appeal to the health and wellness consumer either.
In the article below, you'll learn of creative ways you can market to this consumer without having a fitness or wellness focused brand.

Marketing to the health and wellness minded consumer is a key aspect of driving your beginning of year revenue. This consumer is looking to make strategic decisions for their life that will drive their joy, health and happiness.

Your job is to show them how your product is a part of that process. You can do this even if your product isn't a typical health and wellness product. Below you will find tips for positioning your products as a health and wellness offer without coming out with a new sku.

Strategy 1

Make your product about more than function. How does your product improve your customer's overall life, health and wellness? Potential ideas for how this may look:

  • Does your product make it easier for them to go to the gym regularly, by allowing them to refresh their appearance on the go?
  • Does it make them more efficient with their time as far as their beauty or haircare regimen?
  • Does your product help them to relax at the end of the day such as lighting a candle or having an evening soak with a bath salt?
  • Does your product help soothe their body that may be tired from working out or tired from pursuing their goals?

Strategy 2

After you've carved out how your product plays into health and wellness, it's time to show your customer this new wellness ritual via visuals.

Customers have to be shown the behavior in order to make it a reality for themselves. This is where content comes into play.

You will need photo and video content at your disposal so that you are able to efficiently market to your customer via social media, Pinterest, email and YouTube.

Strategy 3

Build your campaign and determine your rollout. Wellness is all about creating routines and rituals and then supporting your customer once they agree to commit to the ritual.

If you want to see your customer be successful, you'll have to build their future success into your overall marketing campaigns that you roll out once they start to convert.



You can support your customers and help them stay on track with the following strategies:

  • Email sequences that comes out on a regular schedule with built in advice, support and rewards to keep them incentivized.
  • Facebook groups or apps that give them a subset community to take part in.
  • Instagram lives that are themed around wellness topics to encourage your customer and show them live how they can use your product

The above tips and advice are for forward thinking brands that see innovative opportunities as a way to scale and grow quickly. Fitness and wellness isn't going anywhere and it's not a trend. Invest in this solid industry by pivoting/adapting your message to speak to this high growth space.


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