Klaviyo Email Flows: Make Money While You Sleep

Klaviyo Email Flows: Make Money While You Sleep

Jan 02, 2021christian maxwell

Okay let's talk Klaviyo and all things email marketing flows. So when it comes to email marketing flows there is one that's a little bit more important than the others if you ask me. That’s the welcome flow.


The welcome flow is most important because it is the email that will have the single highest open rate of all the emails you ever send a subscriber. 

That means this email has to do work!


Your welcome flow has to Razzle Dazzle, has to convert and give your customers a reason to open the future emails that you'll be sending them.


So as you see the welcome flow email sequence is pivotal and it has a definite burden to bear.


What makes a great welcome flow? There are a few things if you ask us. The most important thing is a clear call-to-action.


A clear call-to-action will let your subscribers know exactly what they should be doing after viewing your email.


That call to action might be percentage savings off, integrating with you on a new social media platform, or even signing up for your rewards program. All of these are great ways for you to invoke action from your new subscriber and embed them in your community in an intentional way


What’s our favorite strategy?


We are personal fans of incorporating a call-to-action for revenue-generating activities within the welcome flow. Because this email will have the highest open rate of all the emails you ever send, it's a great chance for you to get a product into your customers hand so that they can fall in love with you.


After you develop your welcome flow, how do you know if it's working? There are a few things to check for.


The first thing you can check for is open rates. Your welcome flow email sequence should have an aggressive average open rate which will tell you that the subject line and preview text are not only catching the eye of your consumer but also engaging them.


The next thing you want to check for is click rate. The click rate for this email will let you know if your call-to-action is not only clear but provocative.


If you see a low click rate this will let you know that either your call-to-action is weak and unclear or it's just not rubbing them the right way.


The final indicator you want to look for is conversions. Conversions equal sales. How much money did your welcome flow email generate.


If you’re looking at your welcome flow email sequence and you're staring at a big fat zero that's a clear indicator that things just aren't going to plan and it’s time for you to revamp that welcome flow.


No worries though, testing is a huge part of email marketing and the more you learn the more effective your email marketing efforts will be. Take a moment to go back to the drawing board, evaluate your call-to-action, your copy and your incentives to see if they're the right fit for your core demographic.


If the answer is no, you’ve got work to do. Have more questions about email marketing email us today.

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