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women focused consumer brand consulting

Are you searching for clarity in your business or your online social media presence? Do you feel unsure and constantly wonder if you are making the right moves to ensure your future growth and profitability?

Have you tried a billion different “guaranteed tips” only to find you’re still at ground zero feeling a 1000% less clear? Are you constantly beating yourself up for “getting it wrong” yet again?

i get it! watch this video to hear why i care about you…


There are a billion sources out there telling you to go this way and that. It gets confusing. The expert recommendations, advice and strategy I share with my coaching clients is TRIED AND TRUE!

How does it work

  • You receive one 60-90 minute session (depending on the type of coaching)

  • During the session we spend 20-25 minutes on discovery so we can identify what is currently happening in your brand/business

  • We spend 20-25 minutes discussing areas of development that we see high-level for your brand

  • The remaining time is for YOU to ask ANY and ALL questions that you have about your business or brand as it relates to the session you have purchased

  • After your session, we will deliver your Strategic Implementation Guide to you via email within 48 hours after your call

  • You will also have access to the call recording so that you can review the topics we discussed


(take a peek at a strategic implementation guide below!)

Every coaching client receives a custom 3 page SIG within 48 hours of their session.

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I put my YEARS of experience professional and personal to USE for you to create robust, actionable plans that I know you will be able to implement on your own in your business with ease.

After you have a session with me, you will have increased clarity, less overwhelm and a roadmap to get back on track towards your growth and profit goals.

how do you start?

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wondering what the difference is between Studio Maxwell services and our coaching program?

check out the video below.

 who is Christian Maxwell and why should you trust her?

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  • The co-founder of a six figure beauty brand marketing agency, Studio Maxwell that she operates out of Chicago, IL with her husband.

  • Formerly, the beauty brand manager of Mielle Organics, one of the most popular natural hair care brands in the US.

  • The person hiring over 50+ influencers to partner with her high-impact beauty brand clients to create EPIC content!

  • An industry leader with over 10 years of experience in marketing, graphic design, and brand development/management.

Want to learn more about this powerhouse industry leader, visit her IG to get a glimpse @Christian_Byshe