Brights Daily Task Tracker

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To mention that you are busy post-2020 is an absolute understatement. Most of us can remember the traditional day-to-day grind but post-pandemic "busy" seems to be amplified. Like seriously, there is so much to remember! Sure you can tag things into your phone or smart watch but have you forgotten the effectiveness of a physical daily planner?

When you take into account all of the distractions we incur throughout the day it's key to have constant visibility over your most important tasks. That's where our Daily Task Tracker comes in hand. This Daily Task Tracker comes in a variety of bright colors which will aid in visibility. It's hard to ignore your tasks when they're bright and directly in your face right?

Download these templates if you're ready to increase productivity! We wish you the best!


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Studio Maxwell  is a Dallas-based content platform by a Mother & Father of 4! We love Jesus, content and planning! We love this printable makes your life less chaotic and more focused!