We know what's on your mind!

Are you a reputable email marketing agency?

Yes, we are Klaviyo Email Marketing Partners and we work with and have worked with a wide range of women-focused beauty brands who have succesfully levearged our strategies in order to grow their revenue!

Do you work by an hourly rate or on a retainer basis?

We work on a retainer basis because hourly rates would result in us charging our clients extremely high fees based on the sheer volume of hours or team puts in to support each account we represent. Hourly rates work best for freelancers since they are single person teams. We are a team working cohesively on each account so paying each team member is not a feasible for our clients.

Why do you only offer up to 10 campaigns per month?

Majority of revenue is generated by the automations and flows that we build for your brand. Sending campaigns daily and manually is cumbersome and results in tone deaf messages being sent to customers whom the email is not applicable to. Allowing campaigns to be triggered by customer behavior is more intuitive and increases conversions! With this model in place, we only need to send a limited number of campaigns for promotions and other one-off messages.

Do you only partner with beauty or hair care brands?

We partner with women-focused brands in general with beauty, cosmetics, fitness and haircare being our specialty.

What happens during onboarding and set up? Why is it so long?

Onboarding and set up is a very pivotal component of the future work we do for your account. In order for us to lay the proper foundation, we have to prepare by analyzing your current account standing, revenue production, top sellers, email infrastructure etc.

We also do this by thoroughly researching not only your brand, but your competitors. During this phase, we also create your branded template bases so that we can have a foundation for all of the flow emails we will be building in the future.

In addition, we identify what products you want to drive revenue on, what products are under performing, what educational hurdles currently exist etc.

Revenue goals and projections are also crafted during this phase.

What term lengths do you offer for your retainer service?

We only offer 6 or 12 month retainer term lengths at this point. Shorter terms do not make sense for our clients at this point.

Do you provide email marketing services on platforms other than Klaviyo? Do you consult on non-shopify e-commerce stores?

At this point we only provide email marketing on Klaviyo due to the extensive analytics related tools it provides and the customized journeys we are able to build on the platform. Shopify is also the only e-commerce platform we consult on currently.

Do you provide email marketing services for service based brands?

We currently only provide email marketing for product-based brands. Service based brands require an entirely different framework that we are not currently providing services for.

How much does your email marketing service cost?

Email us today to request our current pricing for email marketing services at contact@studiomaxwell.co

Do you provide SMS marketing?

Yes we provide SMS marketing management on 2 platforms currently, those being Klaviyo and Attentive. Both feature robust analytics that we feel confident in leveraging for our clients.

How do we measure success for your automations, list health and campaigns?

We measure success based on overall list health (open rates, click rates, spam complaints), conversions, deliverability, list growth and more! We are a by-the-numbers agency. Numbers don't lie about successful strategies, we also suggest that clients give email marketing efforts at least 5-6 months to yield consistent results.