Pivot to Perm Masterclass: How to pivot your brand to include relaxer wearers

Pivot to Perm Masterclass: How to pivot your brand to include relaxer wearers

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This is a presale registration for our Pivot to Perm Masterclass which will release officially on April 8th, 2022.

That perm has gone from bottom shelf placement at your Target, to TOP SHELF (which is still not premium, but it ain't bottom of the barrel either).

In 2013, Mintel said the following:

While hairstyle trends change throughout the decades, the one constant is hairstyling and product launches being big business. But new research from Mintel reveals that natural may be the new normal in Black haircare, as relaxers account for just 21% of Black haircare sales and the sector has declined 26% since 2008 and 15% since 2011 when sales reached $179 million—the only category not to see growth. (read more here)

As of today, many reports still claim that relaxers are in a FULL decline, but the "innanets" don't lie. Sisters are going back to relaxers in droves! We did a YouTube search to verify and we were floored.

We have noticed that more and more people are going back to perms in secret without speaking to the reason why. It is important that brands begin to restructure themselves in order to appeal more to relaxer wearers without alienating your textured hair-wearing customers. We are here to help you restructure so that all of your customers can feel at home within your brand.

What our masterclass will cover:

  • session 1: Current landscape of the marketplace, developing a deep understanding of where the customer is in their behavior as a consumer.

  • session 2: Why do brands need to pivot to include or speak to relaxer wearers

  • session 3: How to pivot your current products to meet the needs of the relaxer customer

  • session 4: How to market and message to the relaxer wearer

    • Why you may need to pursue beauty supply placement now more than ever.

Due to the nature of digital education, there will be no refunds whatsoever!

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