Social Media Advertising Plan: Revenue Generation

This plan includes the following:

Weekly deliverables:

  • 10 Custom Instagram Reels Per/Week
  • 5 Custom Educational Carousel Posts Per/Week
  • 5 Custom Instagram Stories Per/Day

Monthly Deliverables

  • 1 Advertising Campaign to guide the entire structure of the social media marketing plan and brand
  • Monthly Social Media Focused Strategic Alignment
  • Monthly Analytics Report

*Landing pages developed to capture leads as needed by the Studio Maxwell team

*All graphics included and developed in-house by the Studio Maxwell team

*All product photography and videography developed in-house by the Studio Maxwell team

Who is this plan for?

Our Social Media Advertising Plan is tailor-made for forward-thinking brands with a hunger for revenue growth. If your goal is to turn social media engagements into a thriving stream of conversions, this plan is your strategic roadmap.

Perfect for e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses looking to optimize social-referred conversions, our plan dives deep into targeted advertising, compelling content, and data-driven strategies.

Amplify your brand's presence, drive sales, and unlock the full potential of social media advertising. It's not just about visibility; it's about maximizing your ROI and achieving sustainable revenue growth.

We record and capture your photos and videos each month to support your social media calendar of posts.

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