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UGC Content is all the rage for a reason!

UGC content is a marketer's dream. It lets you create real connections with your audience, which leads to trust, loyalty, and brand advocacy. Your audience feels heard and valued by the brand they're supporting, which makes them more likely to do business with you in the future. And because UGC is authentic content created by real people (versus something that was written by an employee), it gives brands credibility as experts in their field or industry--a huge advantage over competitors who don't have this kind of engaging content available on their websites or social media channels.

In addition to all these benefits for marketers and businesses alike, there's another reason why marketers should be using UGC: It can provide insight into what customers want or need from a product or service before ever developing new features!

What should you post in stories and your timeline:

  • Content with more of an organic feel to build customer confidence
  • Your products up and close with a REAL person that resembles your demo
  • Awesome cellphone-ography that makes your page feel like someone is at HQ giving "unfiltered" content
  • Organic/minimally edited texture videos, handholding product shots and more

Categories we are currently creating the UGC Story Kit for:

  • Beauty
  • Haircare
  • Jewelry
  • Stationary
  • Food/Beverage/Supplements

What does our UGC CONTENT kit include:

  • 4 UGC-style texture videos showing the texture/features of the product
  • 4 handholding videos of the shot being held in the air, turned etc.
  • 4 still shots of the product sitting on an organic flat surface scene like a table, vanity, or kitchen counter with natural light to give a UGC, real customer feel to the content
  • 4 styled lifestyle photos taken with natural light via a cell phone to keep the content feeling organic

Learn more about the process by reading our FAQ's CLICK HERE

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